New e-commerce features for shopping list marketing firm

ANN ARBOR—AdAdapted, the marketing and insights platform for consumer products brands, agencies, and retailers, announced the launch of new add-to-cart e-commerce capabilities for AdAdapted Direct.

In addition to featuring AdAdapted patented add-to-list technology, AdAdapted Direct now empowers marketers to create campaigns that enable shoppers to add a brand’s products directly to a retailer’s online cart.

The company launched AdAdapted Direct in the fall of 2021, providing advertisers with a self-serve system designed for on-demand access to an audience of over 110 million verified shoppers. AdAdapted Direct serves targeted mobile ads to this exclusive network while these shoppers are planning and making trips to the store, helping brands get their promoted products into the lower purchase funnel. AdAdapted Direct makes awareness, new household acquisition, and loyalty accessible to any size consumer goods business.

While AdAdapted Direct already allows advertisers to get their products added directly to shopping lists, the new add-to-cart ad unit creates significant advantages for marketers seeking to drive eCommerce engagement and purchase intent among target consumers.

Brands utilizing AdAdapted Direct add-to-cart capabilities can now launch direct-to-cart ad units at over 200 retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, Instacart, and Amazon. The technology is ideal for both new and smaller consumer goods brands looking to support national, regional, local, or seasonal campaigns.

“As brands continue to evolve their strategies to cater to shoppers’ growing demand for eCommerce capabilities, this new feature from AdAdapted Direct helps brands to efficiently support their growth at nearly any retailer through both add-to-list and now add-to-cart solutions,” said Mike Pedersen, AdAdapted CEO and co-founder. “This allows brands to reach shoppers directly, boost awareness, drive trial, and increase sales and sales velocities by winning new consumers.”

The launch of add-to-cart capabilities by AdAdapted Direct responds to a trend of shoppers incorporating more online shopping alongside brick and mortar store visits – a trend that has continued to grow since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with this new add-to-cart technology, marketers leveraging AdAdapted Direct can proactively engage shoppers who prefer eCommerce, enabling them to add their brand’s products to digital carts.

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