eGrowcery enables retailers to own their e-commerce tech

BLOOMFIELD HILLS–eGrowcery, developer of a retail food industry white-label e-commerce platform, is helping supermarket operators and other retailers to own their digital technology with its newest option.

In addition to providing a software-as-a-service platform, eGrowcery is offering BOLT (Build, Operate, Lease, Transfer) as a strategic option that gives retailers the opportunity to purchase their entire e-commerce system in the future, all while operating and growing their technology in the short-term.

“We have heard from numerous retailers, that they are making significant investments in their eCommerce technology over the next several years. While many retailers still prefer traditional SaaS pricing models, others are interested in building or buying their own platform,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery. “We have listened to the market and created a faster path for those retailers seeking to save time and money buying versus building their technology in house.”

With e-commerce activity still tracking much higher than pre-pandemic order volume, many retailers are rethinking their strategy for the next several years. Knowing there is still much more growth to come, the importance of owning their shopper data has moved to the top of the list for most retailers. For some, owning their own technology is at the top of that list as well.

In the eGrowcery BOLT model, a retailer enters into a classic SaaS agreement that enables best-in-class personalization and scalability for a retailer today and for some mutually-agreed-to period. At the end of a mutually-defined period, the retailer has the option to migrate their e-commerce platform over to their own servers, where they can then control the product development and other initiatives going forward as they see fit.

Retailers interested in learning more about the new eGrowcery BOLT option can contact eGrowcery at

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