Midland Sets Biobased Materials Commercialization Event

MIDLAND — Midland Tomorrow, the economic development organization for the Midland area, is among the hosts of the “Mid-Tech Biobased Materials Commercialization Symposium,” set for Nov. 4 at the Radisson Hotel Lansing, 111 N. Grand Ave. in Lansing.

Other sponsors include Omni Tech International Ltd., a sustainable chemistry consulting firm in Midland.

Organizers say the event is intended to bring together Michigan companies that are established in the biobased chemistry sector or thinking of a strategy to “go green” and experience a day of symposia and networking.

Key themes will include discovering what it takes for a new biobased product to succeed in today’s marketplace; how buyers and prospective suppliers find each other; renewal feedstocks for manufacturing such as soybean oil for polyurethane foams and coatings; biobased products used in diverse applications such as packaging, cushioning materials, printable inks, adhesives, and paper coatings; and sustainability drivers such as CO2 footprint, LEED certification, life cycle analysis, and regulatory compliance.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and will cost $50. Organizers are promising two keynote speakers and five additional presentations from industry leaders.

If you wish to participate in this symposium as a speaker, contact Linda Hanlon at hanlon@midlandtomorrow.org or (989) 839-0340, ext. 2.

More at www.midlandtomorrow.org and www.omnitechintl.com.

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