AdAdapted in new partnership for consumer packaged goods companies

ANN ARBOR–AdAdapted, the Ann Arbor-based shopping list marketing platform for consumer packaged goods brands, agencies, and retailers, today announced it has partnered with New Jersey-based WeStock, a retail sales platform that makes data simpler for CPG brands.

AdAdapted and WeStock have joined forces to help emerging brands grow distribution and ensure they stay on shelves by increasing sales.

In today’s competitive environment, small and emerging brands must find ways to drive purchase intent and build awareness. According to Nielsen, only 15% of new consumer packaged goods products are still around in two years’ time. AdAdapted Direct, the company’s self-service shopping list marketing solution, and WeStock will pair to help any size business increase its chance for success.

The partnership increases the availability of the AdAdapted and WeStock tools to each of their customer bases. Doing so allows a more holistic approach to winning retail distribution and increasing sales velocities and shopper loyalty to help brands stay on shelves.

“Emerging brands need efficient and effective tools to grow and maintain their retail footprint through shopper engagement,” said Cameron McCarthy, co-founder and CEO, WeStock. “Together with AdAdapted, we make it easy for businesses to get shopper endorsements to win on-shelf distribution and then to reach new consumers, gain product trials and ensure their brands succeed.”

“AdAdapted and WeStock both bring unique offerings and solutions to the table that help small and emerging brands get in front of new shoppers and drive data-driven sales,” said Mike Pedersen, co-founder and CEO, AdAdapted. “We’re excited that this partnership will enable brands to connect with their target audiences in an impactful way.”

WeStock converts customers who love customers’ products into actionable and authentic data to help grow retail sales. Its technology streamlines the product request process for brands so CPG companies can see exactly where customers shop and leverage that data to open new retail accounts. WeStock works with over 450 brands including Yuengling, Utz, Athletic Brewing, and Chomps to help them succeed in retail and engage new and current shoppers more effectively.

AdAdapted’s list data and unique ad products help the world’s top CPGs meet their most important goals. With 110 million United States shoppers using a mobile grocery list app, AdAdapted has built a distinct audience and ad offering no other solution can provide.

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