KVCC offering cannabis industry certificates

KALAMAZOO—Registration is now open for Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s three cannabis certificate programs. The college announced the addition of the programs last month in an effort to provide job skills training for those interested in a cannabis-related career. Register at www.kvcc.edu/cannabis/.

According to Business Wire, cannabis is the fastest growing industry in America. To address the critical need for workers in the industry, Kalamazoo Valley has partnered with Green Flower, a Ventura, Calif.-based provider of cannabis education, to offer these in-demand programs.

“The cannabis industry is creating thousands of career opportunities in Michigan and yet, nationally, a significant shortage of qualified professionals exists,” said Craig Jbara, vice president for strategic and business development at KVCC. “These programs are designed to give participants the foundational knowledge needed to work in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Similar training programs across the country have proven to be very successful for employers.”

Green Flower currently works with 15 universities, colleges and community colleges in 14 states. The virtual training program provides participants with the advanced job skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry.

“Like other highly regulated industries, the need to have expertise in material handling,
quality control, patient care, security, transportation, horticulture and more is vital to the success of all aspects of the industry and these are all skills people will learn in these courses,” said Daniel Kalev, vice president of higher education for Green Flower.

Three different certifications are available: Advanced Provisioning Center Associate, Cultivation Technician and Manufacturing Agent.

Each eight-week certificate program costs $900. For employers sending more than five participants or for individuals wishing to self-pay and take more than one program, a $100 discount is offered. All three programs are Kalamazoo Promise eligible. After the successful completion of the virtual training units and a final exam, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion from Kalamazoo Valley Community College as well as a national certification from Green Flower.

For more information and to register, visit www.kvcc.edu/cannabis or email cannabis@kvcc.edu.

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