Missouri client win for Bankjoy

DETROIT–The fintech developer Bankjoy has a new customer–Lewistown, Mo.-based United State Bank.

Founded in 1922, United State Bank serves the financial needs of retail customers and commercial businesses throughout Northeast Missouri. It has six branches and approximately $110 million in assets. By partnering with Bankjoy, United State Bank will offer its customers a more modern, intuitive digital banking experience with thoughtfully designed features that are seamlessly integrated across multiple channels.

United State Bank’s customers will gain access to Bankjoy’s end-to-end digital banking platform, which includes a robust suite of mobile and online banking features, integrated loan applications, and other advanced functionalities. The bank will also implement Bankjoy’s online account opening (OAO) product, enabling United State Bank to quickly and seamlessly onboard new customers while driving deposit growth. The bank is on track to go live with Bankjoy’s new digital banking platform and OAO product in Q4 2023.

Additionally, Bankjoy’s platform will integrate directly with United State Bank’s core banking system, Shazam’s Cardinal Core. With more than 120 integrations with third-party vendors and other core banking platforms, Bankjoy ensures a frictionless digital banking experience across numerous channels.

“According to BAI Banking Strategies, consumers across generations would be willing to switch financial institutions for a better online and mobile banking experience, and many are willing to make this switch via digital channels,” said Michael Duncan, CEO of Bankjoy. “When opening a deposit account at a bank, 30% of Gen Z consumers opt for mobile and nearly one-in-four millennial and Gen X consumers would use a mobile device. United State Bank is getting ahead of the curve and addressing the digital needs of its customer base.”

More at www.bankjoy.com.

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