Troy EV company in partnership with telematics, data firm

TROY—Electric Last Mile Inc., a Troy-based commercial electric vehicle company focused on last-mile delivery systems, announced a partnership with Oakville, Ontario-based Geotab Inc. to develop a factory-installed connectivity system that will equip ELMS customers with the data they need to help manage and optimize their vehicles.

As part of the collaboration, ELMS plans to integrate Geotab’s GO9+ telematics system into its Urban Delivery vehicle, which is anticipated to be the first Class 1 commercial electric vehicle  available in the U.S. market. The factory-installed addition of Geotab’s telematics will help provide ELMS customers with centralized access to their connected vehicle data, and to turn each vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot where possible and when needed.

Powered by Geotab, ELMS AIR will provide fleet managers with a single view of their entire fleet to help better analyze fleet-generated data, from GPS tracking, road speed and charging status to battery state of charge and more, which can be used to help reduce fleet costs, increase productivity and efficiency, improve safety and strengthen compliance.

Geotab and ELMS are further collaborating on technology that is focused on enabling the GO9+ to assist fleet managers with access to the ELMS AIR over-the-air technology solution, aimed at one day providing software updates and upgrades to fleets via a secured cellular connection intended to help maximize vehicle uptime and ensure that vehicle software is up to date. The Urban Delivery is expected to be the first Class 1 OTA-enabled EV in the U.S. Factory-installation of Geotab’s GO9+ device is expected to begin at the start of Urban Delivery vehicle production.

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