Novi startup Uncurb provides assisted transportation

NOVI—Uncurb, an online marketplace that helps customers find high-assistance transportation such as wheelchair and medical transportation, announced its official company launch.

Currently serving Southeast Michigan, Uncurb provides customers with choice and transparency in their mobility options by curating a trusted network of committed and high-quality providers and partners to support mobility beyond curb-to-curb needs.

An estimated 25.5 million adults in the United States have travel-limiting disabilities, according to The Bureau of Transportation. Current on-demand ride-hailing companies have left a gap in services that require higher-assistance, especially as trust in sanitization, cleanliness and safety become crucial in today’s environment. Uncurb aims to close this gap by helping those who are impacted by sudden changes in mobility find, compare, and book vetted transportation providers specializing in higher-assistance services. Providers must meet and exceed marketplace standards before they become part of Uncurb’s network.

“Uncurb gives riders, families, medical and nonprofit institutions the choice and information in their mobility options,” said Minyang Jiang, Uncurb co-founder and CEO. “We are putting in one place the information they need to be empowered to make the best decisions, preserving riders’ independence as consumers rather than as patients. The coronavirus has added another level of stress on caregivers, many of whom are working mothers like myself. Our goal is to empower customers by giving them a powerful resource to go to in selecting transportation services for their loved ones.”

Uncurb focuses on pre-scheduled rides that require added assistance and specialized vehicles. The company selects and builds relationships with high quality providers who are trained, caring and insured. The team worked with Detroit-based Neon Software to develop the platform and user experience. On Uncurb, customers can find and compare transportation based on their needs, get quote estimates, see vehicle photos, and review provider credentials — and then send their request with one click.

“When individuals or their loved ones face a sudden change in mobility, they often don’t know where to turn or who they can trust,” said Brad Jaeger, Uncurb co-founder and COO. “Our team did a fantastic job working throughout quarantine to create this marketplace and build partnerships. We designed it with our own aging parents and family members in mind; it’s personally important to us that we have a tool like Uncurb to assist our family and ourselves one day.”

For launch, welcomed Troy’s Somerset Collection into its network of partners. Uncurb will profile Somerset Collection on its website, showcasing the commitment the company has made to create a safe, comfortable and exciting shopping experience for its customers, and highlight tailored services such as its “Collection to the Car,” a curbside fulfillment program that allows guests the ability to pull up for pre-arranged purchases, without the need to leave their vehicles.

Uncurb is actively building partnerships with providers, consumers and businesses affected by the pandemic. You can find more information about Uncurb, its service, providers and partners at


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