Professional development space for young workers to open in Mt. Clemens

MT. CLEMENS—Officials at PurposePoint LLC, a professional development company, announced that a nonprofit, The Industry, will open a second office in downtown Mount Clemens in partnership with PurposePoint, to engage local schools, businesses, and organizations on a mission to positively shape the future of work.

The Industry is a non-profit organization focused on equipping young adults, ages 17-25, during the most important transition of their futures. The Industry fosters an experience for students to promote soft skills such as a strong work ethic, communication, creative problem solving, self-awareness, time management, leadership, and teamwork.

“Through our organization we offer what we call a Bridge Semester, a break from traditional education in order to assess, and connect the present to the future, bridging the space between high school graduation, career success, and a life of significance,” said Josh Sabo, founder of the Industry. “Students will develop their life plan, focusing on their career, life vision, and goals. This plan provides the steps that the students need to get the results they desire. They will leave with a clear understanding of who they are and where they’re going. This will give them a sense of individual responsibility and help establish them as confident community leaders who follow through on their goals and dreams.”

Added Davin Salvagno, founder of PurposePoint: “Far too many of us, for far too long, have waited until the middle of our careers to learn the foundational aspects of our individual makeup and how we can successfully contribute in this world. And for most of us, it took even longer to discover that this journey is not really about success in the first place, it’s about leading a life of significance.”

PurposePoint moved its office to Mount Clemens last year, and expanded into Neway Creative, a new co-working and training space that opened in July. The Industry plans to hold small group classes this fall in Neway Creative’s training center. Class availability and scholarship opportunities will be announced in the coming weeks.

To learn more about the Industry, to apply as a student, or become a sponsor, please visit

More about PurposePoint at

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