Kraig files for patents on ‘spider silk’ technologies

ANN ARBOR—Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB) announced that it had filed five new provisional patent applications for technologies related to its recombinant spider silk technologies.

These applications cover a broad range of technologies in the creation, screening, and production of new recombinant proteins. These new applications expand beyond the company’s publicly disclosed silkworm and silk technologies, to include advanced construction systems, methods, and non-native proteins.

In November, of 2018, the Company retained Workman Nydegger, an intellectual property law firm based in Salt Lake City, as its patent counsel and expects to use their expertise in prosecuting these, and all future, patent applications.

“Our R&D team is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen our competitive potions, products, and processes,” said Kraig COO Jon Rice. “The recently submitted provisional patent applications cover key technologies and processes, invented by Dr. Kane and our team, as well as new applications that build upon our technologies. These new technologies have the potential to significantly reduce future R&D costs and break open new markets for recombinant protein products, reaching far beyond silks and apparel.”

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Kraig has spliced spider genes into silkworms, leading to silkworms that spin cocoons whose fibers have some of the strength properties of spiderweb fibers. Among the first applications of the textiles to be made from these super-strong fibers are protective garments for the military.

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