Duo in partnership to curb e-prescribing fraud

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor cybersecurity provider Duo Security announced a partnership with DrFirst, the Rockville, Md.-based e-prescribing and medication management provider, to integrate Duo’s two-factor authentication security technology with DrFirst’s e-prescription system for controlled substances, EPCS Gold.

With Duo’s integration into DrFirst’s EPCS Gold, doctors can send e-prescriptions to pharmacies by approving a quick push notification on their mobile phones, satisfying the requirements of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration for a separate “token” or authenticator.

This helps healthcare providers meet e-prescription for controlled substances (EPCS) requirements and prevent fraudulent prescriptions with an added layer of security.

More than 350 electronic medical records systems, 100,000 healthcare providers, 1,300 hospitals and 21,000 ambulatory facilities use DrFirst to help manage their e-prescriptions. DrFirst’s EPCS Gold, when combined with state-based prescription drug monitoring program access, enables clinical staff to quickly and easily identify doctor shoppers, address the issue and ensure the right medications get to the right patient.

DrFirst and Duo also provide an easy-to-use solution for hospitals who are part of an integrated delivery network (IDN).

More than 250,000 physicians already use Duo products. Duo has no hardware deployment, complex software configurations nor manual setup, allowing 75 percent of organizations who use Duo to get up and running in less than a week.

Recent studies show 45 million e-prescriptions for controlled substances were delivered in 2016, a 256 percent increase from the year prior. EPCS and supporting clinical apps have been shown to increase patient adherence to medications, reduce error and fraud in prescriptions and improve patient health outcomes.

“Reducing fraud has become a focal point for healthcare providers who realize they play an integral part in helping prevent the current opioid epidemic affecting our communities,” said Doug Copley, Duo chief information security officer for healthcare. “Duo and DrFirst give physicians the ability to securely e-prescribe without cumbersome steps such as manually typing in a code sent through an SMS message or using a physical token.”

For more information, visit https://duo.com/blog/duo-partners-with-drfirst-to-help-meet-epcs-requirements.

Duo customers include Dresser-Rand, Etsy, Facebook, K-Swiss, Random House, Yelp, Zillow, Paramount Pictures, and more. The Ann Arbor-based company maintains offices in Austin, Texas; San Mateo, Calif.; and London.

More about DrFirst at www.drfirst.com.

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