Duo Security Makes Its User Authentication Disability-Accessible

ANN ARBOR — Duo Security, the cloud-based access security provider, has announced accessibility enhancements for end-users with limited vision and motor skills.

On May 19, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Duo announced that its authentication and self-enrollment features are compatible with screen readers such as NVDA and VoiceOver on PCs and Macs. Additionally, the Duo Mobile app is accessible to voiceover functionality on Apple and Android devices.

Duo has also made its authentication and self-enrollment features accessible by keyboard for people with limited motor skills.

For Duo customers, the impact is that administrators can use the same two-factor authentication methods for all of their end users universally.

“Companies like Duo Security, who are committed to enhancing the accessibility of their services, can provide an exceptional user experience for all people,” said Sarah Swierenga, director of usability and accessibility research and consulting at Michigan State University. “In addition to meeting the needs of users who have disabilities, developing products that meet the international accessibility standards provides greater usability for everyone.”

And Peter Bossley, accessibility analyst in the CIO office of Ohio State University, said: “We appreciate Duo’s collaboration with us to provide our students, faculty, and staff with a multi-factor authentication service that provides equal access for those with disabilities.”

And Duo CEO Dug Song said: “For security to be effective, it must address the needs of every user. Accessibility has impact, and we’re committed to making secure access easy for all.”

Disability affects about 10 percent of people in the world as a whole. In the United States, nearly 2 million people can’t easily see printed words and 10.5 million people are deaf or have significant hearing loss. Duo officials say they are committed to universal design in the development of its product to serve this population.

Duo customers include Etsy, NASA, Facebook, K-Swiss, The Men’s Wearhouse, Paramount Pictures, Random House, Toyota, Twitter, Yelp, Zillow, and more. Try Duo Security’s technology free at www.duo.com.

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