Freestyle Partners gets patent for UV-C light disinfection

DETROIT—Freestyle Partners LLC, announced today that it has been granted a United States Patent for utilizing Far UV-C germicidal light within vehicles.

The patent covers the use of any type of Far UV-C light technology, a human-safe version of UV-C light, to disinfect air and surfaces in any vehicle that carries passengers, including automobiles, trucks, buses, planes, trains and ships.

Far UV-C can be used anywhere within a vehicle to disinfect air and surfaces while people are present via permanent installations (within ceilings, doors, air filtration, floors, side panels, etc.) and through portable and removable installations. The broad-scope patent covers both filtered Far UV-C technology (currently used in buildings) as well as non-filtered Far UV-C.

“The need to keep air and surfaces disinfected remains critical in mass transport passenger vehicles where there are often crowds and exposure to harmful pathogens,” said Jennifer Rosen, co-founder of Freestyle Partners. “Additionally, as the way people move and are transported continues to evolve, protecting everyone’s health and safety will become increasingly important, making the use of this technology essential. Freestyle Partners’ all-encompassing vehicle patent offers unique opportunities for a much needed solution to continually disinfect both air and surfaces while people are present in vehicles.”

Filtered Far UV-C technology was developed by a team of researchers led by David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. The technology has been extensively tested and endorsed by leading institutions around the world. Studies published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals have shown that Far UV-C technology has the same efficacy against pathogens as conventional UV-C, which while effective, is not safe for human exposure without the use of personal protective gear. Conventional UV-C devices and lamps emit UV-C light with a peak irradiance of 254nm which is effective at inactivating pathogens, but dangerous for use when people are directly exposed to it. Irradiation with UV-C light with wavelengths above 230nm can be harmful to skin and eyes if people are directly or indirectly exposed. The Freestyle Partners patent provides exclusive rights to use the human-safe Far UV-C light in both occupied and unoccupied vehicle spaces blocking competitors across vehicle markets.

Freestyle Partners’ burgeoning Far UV-C patent portfolio now includes 48 global patents that span 26 countries including the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Korea and Canada and covers the breakthrough technology across vehicles as well as portable, handheld devices that can disinfect surfaces in seconds.

Based in Detroit, Freestyle Partners LLC is an intellectual property accelerator focused on bringing leading-edge concepts to acquisition or commercialization. The company was founded in 2012 by marketing and branding experts Jennifer Rosen and Ben Feeney. For more information, visit

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