OptiShot Golf unveiling new simulators at 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

BRIGHTON – OptiShot Golf, developer of golf simulator technology, announced it will partner with V1 Sports to attend the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. Jan. 23-25.

OptiShot Golf will be providing professionals and consumers access to leading technology and demonstrations of its newest simulator solutions, BallFlight and Vision.

The V1/OptiShot Golf booth 1259 will feature software with multiple camera positions set up within the OptiShot Golf BallFlight simulator. BallFlight, the industry’s first “trio-tracking” simulator offers detailed data on ball spin, ball and clubhead speed, and launch angle to help improve golfers of all abilities.

“The newest addition to our simulator lineup offers golf teaching professionals and avid golfers of all levels an educational training tool to help elevate their game,” said OptiShot president and COO Kevin Johnston. “We understand seeing is believing, and we are confident that our new simulator offerings will help our customers ‘bring golf home’ with an accurate and accessible solution.”

The BallFlight golf simulator offers tracking technology using a camera, radar, and IR. With detailed data on total distance, carry distance, ball speed, backspin, distance, launch angle, and club speed, BallFlight boasts the best in course play and analytics, for golfers of any level of the game. Portable, responsive, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it’s the perfect blend of training and entertainment.

Vision, the newest addition to the OptiShot family, offers realistic course play on 65 world-renowned courses and accurate analytics. Featuring three-camera overhead capture technology, providing both measured ball and club data, course play, and club fitting, Vision allows golfers of any level to refine their game, no tee time required. Boasting real-time visual feedback on each shot, custom club fitting options, and unique player profiles, Vision is perfect as both a residential or commercial system.

To learn more about the entire OptiShot lineup, as well as V1 Solutions visit booth 1259 at the 2019 PGA Show. To schedule an appointment, email sales@optishotgolf.com, or call Trevor Faust, vice president of sales, at (517) 403-2792.

More at www.optishotgolf.com.

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