UD-Mercy adds online law certificate in intellectual property

DETROIT — Detroit Mercy Law is introducing a Certificate in Law in Intellectual Property delivered in a convenient and flexible online format.

University officials say the program is designed to meet the needs of professionals and organizations who seek knowledge of intellectual property and cybersecurity laws.

The certificate’s four courses are taught by Detroit Mercy Law professors. The next session begins Monday, Jan. 28.

To learn more about the program, view the video at this link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/info-session-certificate/register

University officials said the certificate is an excellent credential for those who work in any industry and desire formal training about how to protect brands, ideas, inventions, marks, and original creations through intellectual property and cybersecurity laws. The knowledge gained from this curriculum will benefit a wide range of disciplines and be particularly useful to inventors, scientists, developers, engineers, designers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and investors as well as legal professionals and those who manage intellectual property or cybersecurity.

To earn the certificate, students must pass each of the four seven-week, three-credit courses, which are offered over the duration of one year (three consecutive semesters). Students may also elect to complete the certificate over the course of two years. Grades are assessed upon the completion of course materials, assignments, and knowledge testing. Each course costs $2,500 and discounts are available for corporate teams, federal or state employees, and active military members.

Student assignments will be posted weekly to the online portal for completion within a specific time frame, and work can be completed at any time and place that is convenient for the student’s schedule without any residency or on-campus requirement. Students can expect to spend approximately five hours per week on coursework, including completing readings, assignments, knowledge testing, and participating in online discussion groups.

To apply for the Certificate in Law – Intellectual Property, you must have a bachelor’s degree and complete the application form (there is no application fee). A legal background is not required, however, attorneys may apply.

More at http://lawschool.udmercy.edu/academics/non-jd-certificate-program/?platform=hootsuite.

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