Danlaw Gets Federal Contract For Connected Vehicle Certification

NOVI — The Novi automotive telematics services provider Danlaw Inc. said Thursday it has received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to develop the “next stage certification environment” for connected vehicle technology.

The grant is aimed at accelerating the development of a certification environment for testing and validation of connected vehicles that use the Dedicated Short Range Communication standard, IEEE 802.11p.

Danlaw’s efforts will target the development of standardized certification techniques, tools and the associated test environment for certification of the communication protocol, vehicle interface and environmental interactions associated with DSRC based connected devices. Certification testing is vital to ensure that future DSRC-based devices communicate accurately and with high reliability to realize their potential for safety enhancement.

Also working with DOT on the project are 7Layers, a wireless test and engineering group based in Ratingen, Germany that is owned by Bureau Veritas, a testing, inspection and certification provider based in Neuilly-sur-Siene, France; and OmniAir Certification Services, a nonprofit certification organization founded in 2010 by the OmniAir Consortium, an industry group based in Alexandria, Va. that is dedicated to interoperability in the transportation industry, including toll payment systems and tolling protocols.

Scott Morell, Danlaw vice president of engineering, said the company plans to work with device and component manufacturers, the federal transportation department and testbed operators to develop and finalize device specifications, test procedures and test suites. The grant will also fund “plug fests,” events in which developers of prototypes using DSRC technology can test their devices on a DOT test bed that has installations in Novi and downtown Detroit.

Danlaw has more than 350 engineering professionals who have been providing connected vehicle telematics and embedded electronics products and services to automakers and Tier 1 suppliers for more than 31 years. Based in Novi, Danlaw also has offices in India, China and the United Kingdom.

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