EGrowcery, CresLane announce new partnership

BLOOMFIELD HILLS–EGrowcery, a provider of white-label e-commerce platforms for the retail food industry, announced a new partnership with San Antonio, Texas-based CresLane Retail Solutions, a provider of retail point-of-sale systems.

This collaboration aims to equip supermarket retailers with advanced, shopper-centric e-commerce systems that integrate seamlessly with in-person sales channels, enhancing the consumer shopping experience and improving operational efficiencies.

Modern point-of-sale systems facilitate a unified shopping experience across various platforms, enable precise inventory management and gather data to tailor business strategies. Simultaneously, cutting-edge e-commerce platforms ensure consistent customer engagement throughout their shopping journey.

Together, eGrowcery and CresLane are offering a suite of standardized technology solutions for grocery retailers. This initiative not only accelerates the deployment of digital and store technologies but also improves promotional management and enhances both in-store and online customer experiences.

“Retailers need to ensure their product data is accurate across channels and may face service issues or worse if they don’t. The systems eGrowcery and CresLane are providing eliminate these challenges and create new marketing opportunities retailers can use to differentiate themselves,” said Pat Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery.

Food Depot, a 42-store supermarket chain in Georgia using technologies from both eGrowcery and CresLane, has experienced numerous benefits from this collaboration. These include faster updates, accurate financial and POS reconciliations, enhanced services and increased operational flexibility.

“The eGrowcery-CresLane partnership removes the risk and effort Food Depot would face with non-standardized solutions. More importantly, it provides better functionality for our customers who benefit from a much smoother and easy-to-use interface,” said Michael Brown, head of e-commerce at Food Depot.

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