Ohio client win for VergeIO

ANN ARBOR–The Ann Arbor software and IT services provider VergeIO announced that CenterGrid, a managed and cloud services provider in Mansfield, Ohio, has completed an overhaul of its IT infrastructure with the implementation of VergeIO’s Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI).

Company officials said the shift advances CenterGrid’s service offerings, particularly in the demanding media and entertainment sector and GPU-powered workloads such as VFX and AI.

CenterGrid has evolved from providing essential infrastructure services to comprehensive, turnkey managed IT systems, including cloud services. CenterGrid has developed a specialization that addresses the limitations of traditional data centers, particularly those imposed by legacy infrastructure software. These challenges include restricted virtual machine density and inadequate graphics processing capabilities.

Chris Beard, COO of CenterGrid, identified restrictive hardware support and high resource consumption as significant hurdles when using legacy hypervisors that make up the core of infrastructure software. “The limitations imposed by legacy infrastructure software’s support of hardware variability and its performance penalties were throttling our ability to meet our client’s needs, especially in the rapidly evolving Media and Entertainment sector,” Beard said.

After extensive testing of various alternative hypervisors, CenterGrid discovered VergeIO. VergeIO’s UCI solution, VergeOS, stood out for its per-server licensing model, comprehensive networking, virtualization, and storage integration. CenterGrid was particularly impressed with VergeOS’s exceptional migration capabilities from legacy infrastructure software solutions.

Yan Ness, CEO of VergeIO, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership: “We are thrilled to see CenterGrid leverage VergeOS to its full potential. Our vision has always been to provide a versatile and powerful platform for Mid-sized data centers, enterprises, and service providers. It provides unique benefits to service providers like CenterGrid, enabling them to excel in service delivery.”

The transition to VergeOS has led to considerable cost savings for CenterGrid, especially in licensing fees. “The shift to VergeOS is not just a technical upgrade; it’s a strategic move that aligns with our vision of cost-efficiency and operational excellence,” Beard said.

More about CenterGrid at https://centergrid.com/. More about VergeIO at https://www.verge.io/ .

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