Iowa client win for Mahalo Banking

TROY–Mahalo Banking, the Troy-based provider of online and mobile banking services for credit unions, announced a partnership with Des Moines, Iowa-based Affinity Credit Union.

Affinity has two locations, 14,000 members, and $147 million in assets, and will use Mahalo to deliver new digital banking tools and services that elevate its members’ experience while gaining a competitive market edge.

The credit union is also approaching a core system conversion to Corelation Keystone, and launching Mahalo’s core-centric platform allows Affinity CU to achieve a robust integration following its completion. The Mahalo platform’s deep integration to the core will ensure that the credit union can adopt new features and functionalities, adapt to member needs, remain competitive and attract new members.

“Partnering with Affinity CU to enhance its digital banking offerings and elevate the member experience ensures the credit union will stand out in the competitive landscape,” said Denny Howell, COO of Mahalo. “Today’s members seek credit unions prepared to deliver upon requested features and services, making forward-looking digital tools essential for offering an unparalleled banking experience. We are passionate about crafting these solutions that empower credit unions to expand their capabilities and deliver digital functionality designed to meet evolving member needs and expectations.”

Affinity was named NAFCU’s 2023 National Credit Union of the Year among credit unions with less than $500 million in assets. More at

More about Mahalo at

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