WorkForce Software wins certification in Brazil

LIVONIA–WorkForce Software, developers of workforce management software for large employers, is pleased to announce it is the first workforce management software provider to offer Point Registration Treatment Program REP-P Certification to global employers with operations in Brazil.

WorkForce Software’s REP-P Certification enables global organizations to remain compliant with local labor regulations while maintaining the benefits of having this capability and certification in one global workforce management system.

The Brazilian government has enacted regulations to govern the registration of employee work hours, including the REP-P certification, as part of broader labor laws aimed to ensure equitable working conditions. Ordinance 671 provides a comprehensive regulatory framework for the registration of employees’ work hours involving guidelines for the use and certification of timekeeping systems, which are categorized under REP-A, REP-C, and REP-P, ensuring lawful labor practices. WorkForce Software supports Brazil’s Ordinance 671, REP-A, REP-C, and REP-P.​ This certification from WorkForce Software is fundamental for companies operating in Brazil, particularly those with a significant number of deskless workers, as it directly influences payroll accuracy, labor dispute resolution, and overall operational effectiveness.

Said WorkForce CEO Jeff Moses: “With over 65% of Fortune 500 corporations with operations in Brazil, supporting these regulations was of paramount importance. For large employers, failure to ensure full compliance with local regulations can mean costly mistakes, manual workarounds, and unnecessary risks to the business. We are pleased to be the first enterprise workforce management provider to hold this certification.”

WorkForce Time and Attendance, already compliant with the Point Registration Treatment Program (REP), is expanding its regulatory compliance commitment with REP-P Certification. WorkForce Software’s clock software, including WorkForce WebClock, Suite Clocks, and Suite Mobile Clocks, are the first to be REP-P certified, providing secure, compliant, and convenient timekeeping for employees across various devices and locations. This milestone underscores WorkForce Software’s commitment to innovation, supporting the ongoing changes to Brazilian labor legislation and enabling organizations to meet the local labor legislative requirements.

WorkForce Software continues to see an increase in net new customers, indicating the growing market demand for global workforce management solutions as large enterprises face increasing compliance challenges and unique regional requirements. Organizations interested in WorkForce Software’s REP-P certification can learn more about these capabilities by contacting WorkForce Software or reading about their  WorkForce Suite and Time and Attendance Management for the Modern Workforce.

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