Troy IT firm buys Minneapolis tech consultant

TROY–The Troy IT services firm Centroid Services LLC has announced the purchase of Intellitive, a Minneapolis-based provider of technology consulting, specializing in automating the deployment of software and infrastructure.

Centroid officials said Intellitive also brings expertise in full-stack software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning software, and the product m9sweeper, a leading open source Kubernetes security platform.

“It’s with great pleasure that we integrate Intelletive into the Centroid fold,” said Centroid CEO and Managing Partner Scott Morrell. “This team truly embodies a synergy with Centroid’s values and culture, especially in prioritizing our customers and employees above all. This merger heralds a vital moment to amplify our technological offerings and foster unprecedented adoption levels. By melding Intelletive’s advanced expertise in DevSecOps, Kubernetes, AI, and ML with our robust service portfolio, we’re poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions that will redefine the technological landscape for our clients.”

Added Jim Brull, Centroid managing partner and senior vice preisdent of sales and marketing: “We are enthusiastic about integrating Intelletive’s advanced capabilities and expertise in DevOps into our wide-ranging service portfolio. The synergy between their team’s proficiency, innovative methodologies, and our current offerings is a perfect match for the evolving needs of our market and will enable extended dialogue around new ways to solve business challenges. This strategic union propels us forward, fortifying our growth trajectory and enriching the value proposition for our clients.”

And Jacob Beasley, co-founder of Intellitive, said: “This is a win for our customers, employees, and organization. It ensures that our clients will receive top-tier services, empowers our team to focus on their strengths, and opens a new chapter of growth opportunities for our organization.”

Founded in 1997 as an Oracle Consulting Services business, Centroid is today a provider of managed cloud services and enterprise workload consulting services across Oracle, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Google cloud platforms. With additional U.S. locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Florida and New York, and a large office in Hyderabad, India, the company employs more than 200 people.

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