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ANN ARBOR–Censys, which provides IT security products and services, announced two new product tiers of its industry-leading search tool, Censys Search Solo and Censys Search Teams.

These additions are part of a series of strategic initiatives to enhance the security community, including the introduction of Threat Hunting Boot Camps, the Censys Beta Workshop, which provides beta access to CensysGPT and Map to Censys, and significant upgrades to its product infrastructure.

Censys’ community has grown to nearly half a million users over the last seven years, enabling them to gain a unique perspective to address the needs of cybersecurity teams and individuals. In today’s threat landscape, where time and resources are often limited, especially for smaller teams, the ability to proactively monitor for threats is crucial, irrespective of team size or budget. Understanding these challenges, Censys tailored Censys Search Solo and Censys Search Teams to cater to the varied needs of all security teams. Each tier is available month-by-month or on an annual basis:

  • Censys Search Solo: Designed for sole practitioners who require more robust capabilities than Censys’ Community version. This tier empowers individuals with 500 search queries per month, along with unlimited API access, essential support and up to one week of host history. Censys Search Solo users benefit from advanced features, like tags and comments for organized search management, matched services to highlight relevant host services and custom field selection for precise data extraction.
  • Censys Search Teams: Specifically designed for small security teams, this tier extends the benefits of the Solo tier and introduces additional features for a comprehensive, collaborative approach to threat hunting. With thousands of queries, teams can delve deeper and conduct in-depth investigations. The higher API rate allows for swift navigation through Censys’ extensive dataset, streamlining the detection and analysis of threats. This tier supports up to five users, enabling a more integrated and coordinated approach to threat hunting, making it an ideal choice for small teams aiming to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

“Empowering the threat intelligence community is one of Censys’ biggest priorities, and with these two new product tiers, we can continue to help researchers enhance their threat hunting work, no matter the size of their team,” stated Brad Brooks, CEO of Censys. “The market has similar offerings, but only Censys can provide the extensive breadth and depth of data, granularly indexed data fields for querying along with the most recent scans of the internet for any user.”

Censys recognizes that shared insights and knowledge are key to collective growth. To support this vision, the company hosts Threat Hunting Boot Camps designed to share techniques, tips and tricks among security researchers to enhance their skills and capabilities. Furthermore, Censys introduced the Censys Beta Workshop— a dedicated space for crafting, refining, and testing prototypes and beta projects. This initiative aims to bridge communication between Censys and its vibrant community, enabling them to collaboratively shape the future of technology. Among their recent innovative endeavors are:

  • CensysGPT uses artificial intelligence to allow users to craft their search queries using natural language, reducing the learning curve. Additionally, CensysGPT can translate queries from Shodan, Zoomeye, and SecurityTrails into Censys Search Language, allowing users to leverage the capabilities of various platforms.
  • Map of Censys offers a new perspective on data visualization, providing developers with tools and features to navigate and interact with geographical datasets.

In the continued spirit of innovation and its commitment to excellence, Censys rolled out a series of significant upgrades to its product infrastructure over the past year. Among those enhancements, Censys launched Certs 2.0, delivering better, more reliable access to the most extensive collection of X.509 certificates in existence with daily refreshes and revocation checks and more. In addition, Censys launched Predictive Scanning, a research-backed scanning technique used to discover services across 65,000 ports. This ensures the most up-to-date and accurate data across all services on the internet, including those on non-standard ports. To make digesting all of that data even easier, Censys added 4,000+ software and device labels so customers can focus on specific software or services of interest within Censys Search.

To learn more about Censys’ search capabilities and the organization’s involvement in the security community, visit:

Founded in 2017 in Ann Arbor, Censys serves customers like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, the Swiss Armed Forces, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, and over 51% of the Fortune 500 with exposure management for a real-time view into their internet and cloud assets.

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