Our Next Energy begins pilot production of battery sells at Van Buren factory

NOVI–Our Next Energy Inc., a Michigan-based energy storage technology company, announced it started production of domestically made lithium iron phosphate battery cells.

The start of cell production comes one year after the commitment to launch ONE Circle, a 20-gigawatt-hour battery factory complex in Van Buren Township.

“The start of cell production at ONE Circle is a major step toward establishing an LFP battery industry in the U.S. supported by a North American supply chain,” said Mujeeb Ijaz, CEO and founder of ONE. “With Michigan-made LFP cells, ONE is eliminating dependence on nickel and cobalt while addressing the major needs of automakers–range, safety, and domestic supply chain.”

ONE is manufacturing the LFP cells using the company’s pilot line. The line allows ONE to validate its production intent cells and develop workforce training, while sharing samples with customers for their testing purposes. ONE will launch a larger multi-GWh scale LFP line next year.

“Michigan is leading the future of advanced manufacturing, and we are thrilled that homegrown battery-maker Our Next Energy is starting production of their new cells right here in our state,” said Michigan Gov, Gretchen Whitmer. “A year ago, the state of Michigan and ONE announced a $1.6 billion factory in Van Buren Township, creating more than 2,100 good-paying, high-skill jobs. ONE is delivering on their long-term commitment to Michigan, as they begin production on domestically manufactured batteries for electric vehicles, bolstered by funding from President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Together, we will continue making the technologies of the future come to life right here in Michigan and growing our economy.”

Last October, ONE announced its plan to invest a $1.6 billion in ONE Circle, supported by $200 million in grants from the state. When operating at capacity by the end of 2027, ONE Circle will create enough cells to build the equivalent of 200,000 electric vehicle battery packs annually.

Production of ONE’s Aries LFP battery packs began earlier this year on a dedicated product line at Piston Automotive in southeast Michigan. More information about ONE and its products is available at one.ai.

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