Altimetrik launches digital business academy

DETROIT–The software, data, and cloud engineering provider Altimetrik announced the launch of the Digital Business Academy, a program designed to enable companies to improve their employees’ digital skills.

Altimetrik officials say the move is a response to a recent Manpower Group talent shortage survey, which found that 77% of employers find it difficult to fill IT and data positions.

“Altimetrik has developed more than 5,000 practitioners across the globe using the DBA, and now other companies can access the infrastructure and program we’ve created to enhance their own teams,” said Raj Sundaresan, CEO at Altimetrik. “In response to the consistent demand from business leaders seeking accelerated growth, we recognize the need for evolving in-house teams’ skills to meet these ambitious objectives. The DBA stands as a solution to this challenge, offering companies the opportunity to embark on transformative learning journeys tailored to various roles and business scenarios.”

The DBA will offer a self-paced curriculum and coaching for business and engineering teams, cross-skilling and up-skilling, certification for technical competency, culminating in digital business proficiency. It will also offer analytics and tracking to help business leaders understand where users are in their training, and a custom “gamified” experience with individual pathways and timelines, ensuring each individual is progressing through the curriculum with knowledge-check assessments.

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