NCMS issues white paper on cybersecurity for manufacturing

ANN ARBOR–The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences has released a white paper promoting cybersecurity best practices that will improve the security of the entire industrial base. The white paper, “Addressing Cybersecurity Threats and Safeguarding the Manufacturing Sector,” is written by Kyle Saleeby, a research staff member at the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, and Rebecca Taylor, NCMS executive vice president for business development and programs.

“Manufacturing is one of the top industries targeted by cyberattacks,” Taylor said. “This white paper identifies specific steps that companies can take to reduce the risk of cyberattacks, improve resiliency, and accelerate the return to normal operations after an attack occurs.”

Featuring the latest research on the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, the white paper focuses in particular on the challenges and needs of small and medium enterprises. The white paper outlines the most common types of cyberattacks and provides a range of solutions that organizations can take to evaluate and upgrade their cybersecurity.

“This white paper is part of NCMS’s broader Cybersecurity Strategic Initiative, which convenes technical experts in operational technology and cybersecurity to help companies identify, mitigate, and close security and resilience gaps,” Taylor said. “In response to new and complex cybersecurity demands, NCMS is dedicated to helping manufacturers develop robust systems to ensure uninterrupted production.”

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