Intertek unveils ‘Electrification Centre of Excellence’

PLYMOUTH–The British product testing provider Intertek announced the opening of its Electrification Centre of Excellence in Plymouth. The lab will deliver science-based quality management services to automotive manufacturers and their supply chains to support the industry’s global move towards electric mobility.

Intertek CEO André Lacroix kicked off the grand opening celebration by looking ahead to the future of the electric vehicle market and its contribution to a sustainable future. “The need to find sustainable and cleaner solutions for vehicles has accelerated the advancements in battery technologies, and the positive regulatory frameworks supporting faster adoption has compounded the surge in demand,” he said. “It is within this changing landscape that Intertek has successfully positioned itself as a driving force for positive change in the automotive industry. Our investment in the Plymouth Electrification Centre of Excellence confirms our dedication to support the electrification of the automotive industry and its supply chains.”

EV sales in the U.S. are growing at breakneck speed, increasing 65% from 2021 to 2022. This year EV sales are expected to exceed 1 million vehicles in the U.S. alone. The new center supports this growth and the automotive industry’s critical need for regulatory support and electrification testing for evolving EV and electric vehicle supply equipment battery and charging technologies.

“As automotive electrification technologies advance to accelerate the transition to net-zero, there is a need to ensure the safety, performance, and functionality of EVs, battery packs, charging systems, and their related components,” said Mike Parker, President, Intertek Transportation Technologies. “Our Electrification Centre of Excellence answers this need by offering some of the most extensive EV battery and EVSE testing capabilities in North America to support automotive OEM and Tier Suppliers.”

Testing capabilities at the 200,000-square-foot center include:

The installation of a 55,000 foot-poundf shaker, one of the largest in North America, for use with large automotive and EV component testing
Battery Cycler capability to 1200V/600kw
EVSE emulator for IEC 61851-24 certifications
90 environmental chambers ranging in size from small reach-in units to those that can fit a full vehicle inside
Bunker/safety expansion
A dedicated area for full vehicle work
Specific areas for salt, dust, and BSR testing
Expansion for vibration and fixturing
Dedicated areas for expansion of performance work
Dedicated floor space and infrastructure for future development of EV and EV-related test facilities

Intertek is accredited to conduct hundreds of electrical, chemical, and mechanical tests for automotive components, products, and systems. For more information, visit


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