Auto supplier client win for Actify

DETROIT–Actify, the provider of visualization and program management software for the automotive supply chain, announced that Niles-based Modineer, a stamping and fabrication component supplier, has standardized its program management launch process using the Actify Automotive Program Management (APM) suite.

By standardizing operations across its manufacturing plants, Modineer is implementing a consistent, repeatable, and scalable program launch methodology that provides clarity and confidence to both internal stakeholders and OEM customers.

Modineer operates in a make-to-program environment where it engineers and delivers components to exact customer specifications. The company has enhanced and expanded its fabrication capabilities through a series of acquisitions and capital investment. Its vice president of IT, Mike Lewandowski, was brought in with the purpose of unifying processes and deploying best-in-class systems across the entire company.

Lewandowski identified the possibility of using Actify APM to standardize the critical and complex development and launch process that transforms a customer’s design into a production part or assembly. He enlisted a team to conduct an extensive proof of concept to evaluate Actify’s ability to replace the existing launch processes with a single system that combines program and project planning, deliverable monitoring, change management, and reporting. After testing its effectiveness at running dozens of programs, the Modineer team voted to expand Actify APM implementation to 100% of its programs across all its plants.

“We are all-in on Actify APM,” said Lewandowski. “By adopting Actify we now have a company-wide program launch process that enables benchmarking and ongoing improvement. We can easily see where programs and projects stand with respect to launch outcomes, plus we know where issues are arising and what we need to do to address them. Our customers are more confident in our ability to meet launch milestones and our teams know exactly what they need to do and when. We have replaced legacy approaches and fragmented systems with a single source for program information that is far simpler and more productive to use by team members across the company.”

“Modineer is more than our customer,” said David Opsahl, CEO at Actify, “they are a partner who has given us the practitioner feedback and insight that’s essential to any new software solution. Modineer is on our Customer Advisory Board and has been instrumental in creating a breakthrough solution for the automotive supplier community.”

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Modineer has 1,500 employees who produce 37 million components a year at plants in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Pennsyvania and Mexico. More at

Actify serves a global base of more than 2,000 companies of whom approximately 85% are suppliers to the auto industry. Actify is headquartered in Detroit, with sales and support in 45 countries through its offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, and a global network of partners. More at

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