HTC Global Services launches HTCNXT AI division

TROY–The Troy-based technology services provider HTC Global Services announced the launch of HTCNXT, an enterprise AI products and services division.

“We are building on HTC Global Services’ over thirty years of expertise in technology to power HTCNXT in delivering AI-led solutions,” said Madhava Reddy, president and CEO of HTC Global Services. “With HTCNXT, we are bringing together disruptive technologies, deep domain expertise, and our built-to-purpose AI platform, MAGE, to help enterprises become AI-first.”

AI has moved beyond being a buzzword, and its applications are being explored across industries. HTCNXT helps enterprises test the viability of AI for their business, scale its implementation, and enable them to transform into AI-first enterprises rapidly.

“Enterprises are looking for various ways in which AI-led solutions can positively impact their business,” said Nalin Vij, president of global sales and marekting for HTC Global Services. “We help them adopt AI through a progressive and holistic approach guiding them through the stages of learn, scale, and transform, to ensure that AI solutions are both feasible and transformative for their business.”

HTCNXT harnesses over 20 contextually relevant enterprise AI solutions for various sectors, including retail, insurance, travel, and healthcare. These solutions drive operational excellence, go to market faster, improve revenue, and business resilience. More at

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