AdAdapted gets client win from beverage distributor

ANN ARBOR–The advertising technology devleoper AdAdapted has added Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits LLC’s DRAM Agency to its roster of specialized partners. DRAM provides digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers looking to activate or accelerate their e-commerce strategies.

The partnership extends AdAdapted’s leadership in regulatory-compliant digital shoppable media for wine and spirits brands by leveraging DRAM’s experience in campaign management and e-commerce strategy development within the alcohol vertical. Additionally, the partnership provides DRAM with access to AdAdapted’s first-party, pre-shop data for targeting and strategy development.

Said AdAdapted co-founder and chief revenue officer Molly McFarland: “Over the past three years, AdAdapted has activated over 800 successful campaigns for wine and spirits companies, supporting both global and regional brands. Combining DRAM’s extensive industry expertise—and our recently launched multi-retailer, one-click e-commerce ad solution—we deliver 20 times higher cart transfer rates than industry standard tactics.”

AdAdapted offers services to drive in-store and online sales, including digital shopping lists, display, eCommerce, video, keyword and other touchpoints for consumer packaged goods brands, agencies and retailers. Media can be run through managed service, self-service, and software-as-a-service platforms. With more than 110 million U.S. shoppers using mobile devices for their grocery lists, AdAdapted has built a distinct audience and ad offering that uses first-party shopping behavior and product preference-based targeting, providing the easiest, most efficient way to reach active verified shoppers—exactly when they decide what to buy.

DRAM, an acronym for the Digital Revolution of Alcohol Marketing, was formed as an affiliated company by Southern Glazers in December 2021 to provide digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers. A renowned distributor of beverage alcohol, Miami, Fla.-based Southern Glazer’s is a multi-generational and family-owned firm that is ranked the largest wine and spirits distributor in the States. The company’s roots trace back to a flavored soda water bottling business established in Dallas, Texas in 1909. It added alcoholic beverage distribution after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. The company based in Miami was formed in 1968.

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