VergeIO rolls out ransomware protection product

ANN ARBOR–The networking software developer VergeIO announced the introductin of new software for ransomware protection – IOfortify.

This latest innovation combines robust security; unlimited, unchangeable clones; and rapid, complete recovery to fortify data integrity and provide users with true peace of mind.

IOfortify offers the pinnacle of security with VergeOS’ hardened operating system that is designed to withstand the most sophisticated ransomware threats. Unlike other protection solutions that remain susceptible to corruption, VergeOS eliminates vulnerabilities through a hardened protection foundation that ensures data remains safe and ensures complete recovery of any infected virtual machines.

Combining this data resilience with unlimited and unchangeable, space-efficient clones allows users to effortlessly roll back to an earlier version of its data center architecture to ensure business-critical information remains safe and secure from unwanted changes. Creating a set of space-saving copies takes milliseconds and allows the preservation of an unaffected infrastructure and VM state at any given time as a failsafe to any attempted ransomware attacks.

Recovery is crucial if malicious software is deployed. IOfortify is up to the task of providing quick and thorough restoration of systems, applications, and files. Because of its ability to speed the restoration process, IOfortify enables organizations to get back on track in a matter of moments, reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity with exceptional efficiency.

IOfortify does more than help users recover from an attack–it helps them identify if they are under attack and points them to which clone is the best candidate for rapid recovery with minimal data loss. Since VergeOS has control over the file system, it is able to detect any anomalies. With IOfortify, customers can receive immediate alerts of an attack, giving them the opportunity to act fast to prevent it and activate our rapid restoration services.

“With IOfortify, we’ve redefined ransomware protection,” said Greg Campbell, VergeIO founder and CTO. “One hundred percent of VergeIO customers who were affected by ransomware have successfully restored their entire system to a secure state within a matter of minutes. Those looking for unbeatable ransomware protection should embrace the future of fortified data integrity by building their infrastructure on VergeOS with IOfortify.”

VergeOS moves beyond legacy HCI configuration with its ultraconverged infrastructure (UCI), which integrates virtualization, storage, and networking into a single piece of software. This integration provides a high degree of efficiency that enables VergeOS to deliver more performance from existing hardware and a wider range of scale. VergeOS can scale up to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise and scale down to fit the constraints of the edge. IOfortify is integrated into VergeOS and is available now at no additional charge to VergeOS customers.

For more information, register for the ioFortify Tech Talk on Thursday, June 22 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, at


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