Tata Elxsi opens ‘innovation hub’ in Troy

TROY–The Bangalore, India-based engineering and design firm Tata Elxsi, has announced the opening of an “Innovation Hub” and engineering center in roy.

This also marks the 15th year for Tata Elxsi in Troy, working with automakers and suppliers in the region.

The new center will support EV and green mobility, software and digital engineering for automakers and suppliers. Officials of Tata Elxsi said they plan to boost employment at the center from the current 50 to 200 employees by 2025, while collaborating with universities on the latest research and development, and creating exciting career opportunities for fresh engineering graduates through internships and purpose-driven projects.

“We are pleased to inaugurate our Innovation Hub and nearshore engineering center in Troy, Michigan, and continue our commitment to the region where we have served our customers for the last 15 years,” said Tata Elxsi CEO and Managing Director Manoj Raghavan. “This new facility represents our commitment and investment in the US market and our strong partnership with our clients. Our goal is to provide them with best-in-class engineering, digital and design solutions that will help them to innovate and transform their products and services for the future of smart and green mobility.”

Added Ram Ramaseshan, senior vice president and Tata Elxsi geographic head for the Americas: “We are delighted to inaugurate our new center in Troy, Michigan. This investment reflects our commitment to our customers and the local automotive ecosystem, which has been a critical part of our success. Our new facility will enable us to collaborate more closely with our customers and work together for cutting-edge software development and engineering, and drive innovation in the automotive industry. We are also excited to leverage our presence in Michigan to expand our sales and business opportunities and build stronger relationships with local SMEs and universities. We look forward to continued growth and success in the region.”

Incorporated in 1989, Tata Elxsi provides design and technology services in the automotive, healthcare, media, telecommunications, and transportation industries, including research and development, design, and product engineering. For more information, visit www.tataelxsi.com.

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