New fixture product launched by Sharp Tooling Solutions

ROMEO–Sharp Tooling Solutions is introducing its newest product, CHXflex, at the Assembly Show South in Nashville, Tenn. this week.

Manufactured and warehoused in Michigan, this competitively priced product line from Sharp supports customers’ needs for inspection fixtures within either metrology-based or traditional coordinate measuring machine measurement applications.

After working with several different styles of inspection fixtures, Sharp President Dan Friz and Business Unit Director Tim Kavanaugh , Sharp’s Business Unit Director, realized that most of the products on the market were either costly or inflexible to adapt to changing needs inherent in the tooling and metrology process, particularly when it came to electric vehicle manufacturing. The solution came to life with CHXflex, and they knew it had a product that met customer specifications at a fraction of the cost.

CHXflex innovates three-step process of positioning, locating, and securing a workpiece within an inspection environment

“After sitting down and listening to our customers, a common theme of a void in the inspection process was apparent,” Friz said. “Through working closely with our customers’ internal teams, Sharp was able to take their direct input and develop a new product line to fill the gap within the evolving inspection industry. This is a great example of Sharp’s ingenuity and collaborative approach to solving customers’ needs, and now we get to share this innovation with other companies looking to streamline their inspection process.”

Kavanaugh added, “This product has truly redefined how it can support our customers’ need for speed to market within the mobility industry as they support the launch of their programs.”

Through CHXflex, Sharp innovated a three-step process that includes positioning, locating, and securing a workpiece within an inspection environment. Whether this inspection involves a coordinate measuring machine, measuring arm, laser tracker, or vision system, the goal of the fixture is to hold the part securely and repeatedly. The CHXflex product line includes standard components such as: adjustable nets, retractable pin blocks, pivot blocks, small clamp packages, and shimmable adapter plates. Users of this multi-use product line can engineer fixture solutions that save time while increasing accuracy.

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