Abionyx Pharma announces new strategy, promising preclinical results

LAKELAND–Abionyx Pharma, a startup biotech company with operations in Michigan and France, announced its strategy in ophthalmology and new positive preclinical results in two technological platforms: apotherapy and biovectorisation.

Cyrille Tupin, Abionyx CEO, said: “The acquisition of Iris Pharma, one of the world leaders in contract research in ophthalmology, a little over a year ago, has borne fruit and has enabled us to structure a value-creating strategy based on our flagship asset, the only natural recombinant apoA-I lipoprotein in the world and one of the most advanced biomedicines. Indeed, studies with Iris Pharma have determined the deployment of a strategy based on two technological platforms: apotherapy that means an innovative therapy based on our natural recombinant apoA-I alone, and biovectorization meaning incorporation of various active ingredients into our proprietary apoA-I complex used as a vector. The preclinical results of our biovector in ophthalmology are very promising, especially for corticoids, in order to optimise their efficacy while limiting their side effects, which are one of the major concerns in ophthalmology today worldwide.”

More at www.abionyx.com.

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