Atlas Space gets access to 10 new Viasat antennas

TRAVERSE CITY–Atlas Space Operations, the provider of satellite ground software as a service, announced a new partnership with Viasat Real-Time Earth (RTE). The partnership between Atlas and Viasat RTE makes 10 new antennas within the Viasat network immediately available to Atlas clients, with two additional antennas available by the end of the year.

For Atlas, the partnership with Viasat represents another significant expansion of its federated global ground network of 44 sites after adding 11 ground sites belonging to AWS last month. The federated network is operated by Atlas’ proprietary communications and management software, Freedom. Through Freedom, ATLAS clients easily onboard their missions and manage data flow and pass execution from a single point of entry while the software removes all hardware differences. The result is a network of networks that enables users to access many ground networks through a single provider—Atlas.

“Through our partnership with Viasat we are expanding the global footprint of our federated network and demonstrating the usefulness of software in the SATCOM marketplace,” said Brad Bode, Atlas co-founder and chief technology officer. “Developments like this are less about infrastructure implications, and more about the utility of software to enhance hardware capabilities. Through Freedom we are able to extract far greater value from existing hardware without incurring additional costs. Using software to create one common ground solution allows us to offer extensive capabilities atop data delivery, such as automated insight into pass performance, Copilot to enable rapid onboarding, a superb user interface, and our single TT&C entry point in the cloud, no matter the site. Most importantly for our clients, Freedom is flexible and accessible through our unified interface, which means as our federated network grows, new antennas are immediately available to clients without any software changes on their end.”

Said John Williams, vice president of Viasat RTE: “We view our partnership with Atlas Space Operations as a true win-win for our companies and the industry. “We are already seeing enormous interest in this joint approach. Government customers flying a variety of assets appreciate the diversity of antennas available to them through a single interface, while commercial customers see the value in more antennas in different locations to significantly reduce the latency between data collection and data delivery.”

Beyond network capacity growth, the new partnership between Atlas and Viasat opens new horizons for Atlas clients through larger antennas. Most antennas in the Viasat RTE network are 7.3 meters and include Ka-band reception for remote sensing missions—ideal for high throughput connectivity and better signal strength to support further missions. With these larger apertures, clients can now contact satellites in medium earth orbit (under 2,000 kilometers) and geostationary orbit, in which a satellite orbiting at 35,786 kilometers above the earth moves at a speed that leaves it permanently above a fixed point on the Earth, moving with the Earth’s rotation.

Atlas has been recognized by the World Teleport Association as one of the fastest-growing teleport operators in the world for the past three years, and was recognized as the 15th fastest-growing software company in the world in 2020 by Inc. 5000. ATLAS combines the Freedom Software Platform and its global antenna network to achieve its mission of connecting humanity through space. To learn more, visit

For more than 35 years, Viasat has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate. More at

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