Hush, Legendary Partner to Enhance Executive Privacy Online

DETROIT–Hush, a corporate cyber-privacy platform, and Legendary, a provider of digital crisis management services, announced a new partnership aimed at protecting executives and businesses from digital reputation threats.

By combining the privacy AI of Detroit-based Hush with the crisis management and reputation recovery services of Provo-based Legendary, the partnership will offer clients a new level of reputation monitoring, threat detection and defense services.

“Hush is proud to partner with Legendary to provide our clients with the most comprehensive digital reputation capabilities available” said Mykolas Rambus, co-founder and CEO of Hush. “As the barriers between physical and digital lives diminish, it’s essential that executives have access to the best technology and expertise to safeguard their brand and reputation. Together with Legendary, we will provide our clients with a complete suite of services to help them identify vulnerabilities, remove information that puts them and their organization at risk and stay ahead of digital threats.”

The partnership will enable Hush and Legendary to combine their respective strengths to provide clients with a suite of services, including digital crisis management, forensic analysis, reputation recovery, and online resilience. With a focus on leveraging the latest AI and internet monitoring technology, the partnership will provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services to protect their privacy and reputation.

“Reputation is the most important asset executives ever own,” said Chris Padilla, co-founder and CEO of Legendary. “When a crisis hits, being able to quickly understand what just happened, what you can do about it and how to build resilience for the future is key. With Hush, we’re now able to provide our clients with an even more powerful set of tools to safeguard their online privacy and reputation. This partnership will enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions to executives and businesses that are facing increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks.”

Hush provides a privacy service with advanced cybersecurity protection against social engineering, impersonation, phishing, and brand risk. Powered by comprehensive AI technology, Hush empowers members to eliminate digital vulnerabilities before they become real-time threats by identifying and removing sensitive information. Visit

Legendary offers digital crisis management, forensic analysis, reputation recovery, and resilience building, we help clients around the globe protect their reputation and take control over their narrative. For more information, visit

The London, UK-based law, investigations, cybersecurity, and risk assessment firm Schillings International LLP has invested in both companies.

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