Harmanm, American Center for Mobility in new partnership

NOVI–Harman, the automotive electronics subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has announced a new collaboration with the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti to test real-world use cases of road-ready technologies, including Vehicle to Everything (V2X) enabled by roadside infrastructure and edge computing using 5G cellular.

Harman develops products and services for improving transportation efficiency and seamless mobility. But validation of the products in real world environments is challenging and is only feasible in facilities that can mimic this environment close to reality. ACM provides world class infrastructure to help validate complex products in real world conditions. ACM conducts real-world testing of 5G, V2X and MEC technologies.

Based on this system, Harman and ACM are testing vulnerable road user safety and video see-through and do-not-pass warning alerts using vision sensor share under real world conditions with varying degrees of constraints including weather, network capability, and road conditions. For example, see-through provides an ultra-low latency real-time augmented video feed of a vehicle ahead of the “host” vehicle. This enables visibility, reduces driver anxiety, and increases safety while facilitating the host vehicle to perform a safe overtake maneuver using Harman technology products.

Through its engagement with ACM, Harman will enable automakers to test and experience their connected vehicles and demonstrate new mobility use cases with the potential to scale. Connected infrastructure plays an important role in the future of connected mobility, which can provide improved situational awareness to drivers and pedestrians, such as the notification of roadway hazards and traffic management.

“Now having the ability to test these real-world scenarios demonstrates Harman’s ability to combine fast, reliable 5G, V2X & MEC to deliver improved situational awareness between vehicles, vulnerable road users and infrastructure without the need for increased computing onboard every vehicle and personal devices,” said Ram Iyer, Senior VP of Connectivity at HARMAN International. “This industry collaboration will not only play a pivotal role in improving road safety but help us continue to bring immersive, automotive grade experiences to life for consumers with 5G.”

“Making best-in-class infrastructure widely available through partnerships for automakers to test in real-world test environments embodies our approach at ACM,” said Reuben Sarkar, president and CEO for ACM. “5G, V2X & MEC at ACM will enable validation of an expanding set of safety-critical use cases using road-ready connected vehicle solutions.”

ACM is located on 500 acres around Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti. It offers a proving ground with test environments featuring specialized infrastructure, equipment, facilities and resources; an innovation and technology campus with an industrial tech park for the co-location of mobility companies; event and demonstration areas for showcasing mobility technologies and convening industry activities. For more information, visit acmwillowrun.org.

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