Video advertising pioneer Waymark added to creative hubs of Hulu, Roku

DETROIT–Waymark, a pioneer in using artificial intelligence to speed up and scale up video production, announced the inclusion of its platform in the creative directories of both Hulu and Roku.

Small and medium-sized businesses can now access Waymark through the ad managers of both major streaming platforms to create high-quality video advertisements.

Waymark removes traditional barriers by automating some of the most resource-intensive steps in video production. Users simply type in basic information and direction. After this, Waymark’s AI systems generate an original, customized video ad.

At the heart of the product is an artificial intelligence engine that processes a local business’ online profile and translates it into a natural-sounding script, with relevant imagery and brand elements, to create professional-grade spots.

“We love making it easier to get your business on the top CTV platforms like Roku and Hulu,” said CEO Alex Persky-Stern. “Our aim is to remove the creative roadblocks that keep most businesses from advertising on cable TV. With Waymark as a featured creative provider, it will now be even easier for agencies and small and midsized businesses to get the compelling, on-spec ad content that they need for these major streaming platforms.”

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