MSU Health Care’s remote monitoring improves health of chronic disease sufferers

EAST LANSING—MSU Health Care’s remote monitoring program is bringing down blood pressure of people with chornic conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Among MSU Health Care patients who have been enrolled in Care Everyday over a 180-day period, on average, a patient’s systolic readings improved by 11.8 points, and their diastolic readings improved by 7.97 points. These early outcomes demonstrate how Care Everyday helps patients gain control over their important health numbers and outcomes will continue to be monitored as the program progresses.

“For each new digital tool we add to our toolkit, it’s essential that we enhance the experience of care for both our patients and our providers,” said Roger Jansen, PhD, chief innovation and digital health officer for MSU Health Care. “I’ve shared before our belief in the power of digital delivery to positively impact the health of Michigan communities, and we are seeing that impact with Care Everyday. For our patients, it is now easier to monitor, track and share vitals with a trusted clinical partner who will ensure they receive the care they need, and for our providers, we’ve added an actionable dataset directly into the patient record that reliably supports adherence to the prescribed care plan, enhancing the experience of care across the board.”

Patients are finding immediate value in the program, with participation tied to increased ownership of their health outcomes, short term and longer- term financial savings, reduced ER admissions and improved satisfaction.

“Remote patient monitoring has provided the ability to get insights on my patients with firm data rather than scribbled notes, allowing me to engage in medication management without taxing the nursing staff with phone calls and messages,” said Churlsun Han, M.D., MSU Health Care internal medicine provider. “Patients also get a clear understanding of our targets and goals and have something to shoot for. I’ve been pleased with the results and look forward to having more patients on remote patient monitoring.”

MSU’s partner in the monitoring service, Chicago-based Higi LLC, is a consumer health company that offers scalable chronic condition management via a network of Smart Health Stations, home devices and digital tools. Higi Care Everyday is the company’s chronic care management platform for high acuity patients that uses remote patient monitoring technology to extend care on behalf of health systems like MSU Health Care, while maintaining high delivery standards. Participants receive a set of devices for at-home use. Credentialed clinicians monitor their health data on an ongoing basis, reaching out regularly if their numbers indicate a potential issue.

Learn more about the service or sign up at More about MSU Health Care, an academic health center with more than 100 affiliates around Michigan, at

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