Gale Business Insights rolls out new user platform

FARMINGTON HILLS–Gale, the Farmington Hills-based information services provider, announced the migration of its Business Insight platforms – Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Gale Business Insights: Global – to a single new and improved all-in-one platform, Gale Business: Insights.

With enhanced navigation and collaboration tools, business professionals, entrepreneurs, students and researchers can spend less time searching and more time turning their findings into practical applications. Developed based on user feedback, this new platform supports usability and accessibility with a single database that encompasses the global nature of business.

“Business researchers need instant access to reliable, comprehensive data and the tools to analyze and interpret the information on a single platform,” said Seth Cayley, vice president of global academic product at Gale. “Gale Business: Insights’ new interface was designed with extensive input from students, librarians and business professors throughout the process to ensure easy access to the desired information. The updates we have made to this platform make it an invaluable source for compiling business intelligence.”

Gale Business: Insights combines Gale reference content with respected business sources and full-text periodicals to help researchers gain a broader understanding of the global nature of today’s business world. In addition, users can access daily updates, more than 450,000 detailed company profiles, and in-depth country and industry overviews.

Key capabilities and enhancements include:

* Enhanced Navigation: Users can easily access information with additional context and pathways for a deeper understanding of complex business concepts. Gale Business: Insights presents company, industry and country content in hubs designed by and for business students. * Deep links help researchers navigate through the extensive content available in the product.
* Streamlined User Interface: Similar to other Gale offerings, users will have an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools and relevant content.
Improved Accessibility: Gale maintains the platform for web accessibility standards to ensure access by users of all abilities.
* Collaboration Tools: Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools enable users to share, save and download content, including highlights and notes.
* Live Charting: Users can compare statistical data on companies, industries or countries in graph or table formats and download the results.
* Financial Dashboard: Multiple reporting periods can be viewed for corporate balance sheets, cash flow and income statements. Users can compare results against other selected companies and export the results to Excel.

With the new interface, users will continue to have access to the same Gale and third-party content, including:

* Over 450,000 company profiles
* International Directory of Company Histories
* Market Share Reporter
* Encyclopedia of Global Industries
* GlobalData SWOT reports
* MarketLine industry profiles
* Thomson Reuters financials

Current users can view the new interface starting in October 2022 and will automatically be moved to the platform in December 2022. The current versions of Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Gale Business Insights: Global will be retired in December 2022. This enables Gale to focus its efforts on the combined database platform to ensure researchers have comprehensive materials that reflect the global nature of business.

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