Lake Orion firm’s batteries power new electric boat

LAKE ORION—Officials at American Battery Solutions Inc. announced that is adding its lithium-ion battery technology, the high-voltage Proliance Intelligent Battery Series, into a new line of electric boats.

The Proliance series includes 350-volt and 650-volt systems with energy capacity of 50 or 100 kilowatt-hours, with the capability of connecting batteries in parallel to scale to over 400 killowatt-hour applications. This modular approach enables the electrification of the entire portfolio of recreational vessels of various sizes.

ABS recently entered into a five-year agreement with Forza X1 Inc., a subsidiary of Fort Pierce, Fla.-based Twin Vee Power Cats Co. (NASDAQ: VEEE) to supply T350-50 high-powered lithium-ion batteries to power Forza X1’s new FX1 electric boat, pictured above. Battery design and production are underway at ABS’ plant in Springboro, Ohio, with product deliveries on track for summer 2022.

All ABS high-voltage batteries are designed, tested, and manufactured to the latest standards and specifications for marine, industrial, truck, and automotive applications, making them ideal, reliable sources of energy for demanding marine applications.  ABS lithium-ion solutions offer a high energy density along with zero maintenance and long life.

“Our advances in lithium-ion battery technology will enable marine manufacturers to move more rapidly to develop and introduce high-performing, stylish, sustainable and affordable electric-powered boats to help grow the recreational boating market,” said Ivan Menjak, ABS vice president of business development. “The Proliance offers fully integrated thermal and battery management systems in a sealed environment to protect against water and debris, advanced monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, all alongside capabilities that allow easy interface with CCS fast chargers, enabling the robust marine performance recreational boaters expect and value most.”

ABS operates over 300,000 square feet of battery manufacturing, testing and development plants in Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts.

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