Hyer, Catch extend modern benefits to independent contractors

GROSSE POINTE—Hyer, Grosse Pointe-based developers of an on-demand labor app connecting businesses to independent workers in the gig economy, announced a partnership with Catch, a New York-based personal payroll and financial services provider.

Together, the companies will provide Taskers, Hyer’s pool of independent workers, with access to an easy-to-use platform for their health insurance and personal payroll, including automatic tax withholding, retirement planning and savings.

The pandemic spurred rapid growth in the gig economy. With 36 percent of the U.S. workforce participating in gig work in 2021, that number—according to Statistica Research—will jump to 50.9 percent of the workforce by 2027. As independent work continues to accelerate, accessing benefits can be difficult. Addressing these challenges, this partnership allows Taskers to tap into modern benefits build for a new era of work.

“As we watch the massive shift taking place from the traditional 9 to 5, our partnership with Catch enables us to support our Taskers in working the way they want, without the added stress,” said Dave Dempsey, CEO and co-founder of Hyer. “Through this winning partnership, workers get the flexibility they crave along with the benefits they need to thrive in their independent work.”

With tax season upon us, Hyer and Catch’s timely partnership allows Taskers to take advantage of free tax withholding and payments for their independent (1099) income—which takes much of the pressure out of filing taxes.

“Two major factors—technology and the pandemic—have impacted our relationship with work. More and more individuals are entering the gig economy, whether passively or full-time, and need modern financial services that make the shift from traditional employer-employee work simple,” said Kristen Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Catch. “The partnership between Hyer and Catch represents the decoupling of benefits from employment status and the movement towards personalized payroll.”

More at www.gohyer.com.

Designed for the more than 60 million Americans without employer-sponsored benefits, Catch is a personal payroll provider, automating taxes, retirement, and health insurance. With Catch, freelancers, contractors, and independent workers can track, trace, and manage multiple income sources with less hassle, more control, and greater flexibility. Catch is backed by Crosslink Capital, Khosla Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Nyca Partners, and Urban Innovation Fund. More at https://catch.co/.

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