EV charging startup expanding into training green power workers

DETROIT—As electric vehicle fever hits the U.S. auto market this year, Veyha, an EV charging station installer startup, says it’s playing a growing role in recruiting and training the green power workers of the future—electricians who will be needed to install and maintain EV chargers across the country.

Founded in Detroit, Vehya offers EV charging installations to businesses, government, and homeowners. To support EV growth, CEO William McCoy is focused on training new EV charging professionals. This is an important task, because with more than 130 million homes and 30 million plus businesses, there are less than 1 million licensed electricians employed in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Installation and service of EV chargers is what we do,” McCoy said. “Right now, in the U.S., we do not have enough electricians to meet the future demand for EVs. At Vehya, we are using technology focused on preventing the all-electric future from coming to a grinding halt because of workforce logistics.”

The U.S. American Jobs Plan and recent National Apprenticeship and Relaunching America’s Workforce Acts are helping build the infrastructure the U.S. needs, including providing $100 billion to develop workforce development programs geared to the carbon-neutral future that will power the U.S. economy. More than seven million jobs have been lost during the ongoing pandemic, and many will not return. This is just one reason why training workers today for the green jobs of the future is important.

“We are committed to creating more than 100,000 new EV charging and electrical professionals in the U.S. by 2030,” McCoy said. “With the new investment and support from Michigan and the federal government, we can identify, train, and deploy the workforce needed to get and keep America going all-electric. The future of our planet depends on it.”

Vehya’s platform, combined with its workforce development program, trains electricians in EV charging installation and service, improving proficiencies in key areas needed for the future the industry. The company’s online platform also helps EV professionals connect with job opportunities, helping reduce the time it takes consumers to find an EV installer from months to days.

For more information visit www.vehya.com/career.

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