Infusion Associates opens new outpatient clinic in Ann Arbor

GRAND RAPIDS—Infusion Associates, a provider of outpatient intravenous therapy, announced the opening of its first clinic in the Detroit area, at 250 West Eisenhower Parkway. The company said it plans three more clinics in the Detroit area.

The company offers infusion and injection therapies in a more accessible and comfortable environment staffed by medical professionals. The new clinic is the company’s sixth location in the Midwest and offers 10 chairs for patients to receive their treatments.

“Infusion Associates is constantly looking for ways to make access to care easier for our patients, and we’re excited to finally be able to provide this life changing care to patients in eastern Michigan,” said Infusion Associates’ director of operations John Crawford. “We continue to focus on providing site of care options for patients that are not only more accessible, but cost-effective for both patients and payers.”

Infusion Associates handles prior authorizations for patients and healthcare providers in Ann Arbor to streamline the prescription medication and medical procedures process. Patients have the ability to receive their treatments 365 days per year in a comfortable and friendly environment with direct access to a medical provider.

Call (833) 394-0600 or visit Infusion Associates’ website to request an appointment or refer a patient to the new Ann Arbor location:

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