Vehicle lighting leaders Myotek, Sea Link join as Luxit Group

FARMINGTON HILLS—Myotek and Sea Link, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, along with their affiliates Amptech and Hicks Plastic, announced the launch of Luxit Group, a technology developer in vehicle small lamp design, with a mission to inspire and guide the evolution of lighting for styling, branding, performance, and safety.

Myotek will serve OEM customers, Sea Link Tier 1 customers as separate divisions.

“For our employees and all of our stake holders, it is important to bring our four companies under a common name as one streamlined organization,” said Luxit CEO Stephane Vedie. “We all belong to one team and share the same goals. With the new year comes a great opportunity for us to launch our new organization, with Myotek serving as our brand for Tier 1 business and Sea Link as our brand for Tier 2 business. We are positioning Luxit as a global leader for automotive small lamp, auxiliary lighting, and components for both exterior and interior applications. With our global footprint and full vertical integration, we are able to serve our customers with speed, creativity, and flexibility.”

Added Brian McGee, managing partner of Boca Raton, Fla.-based New Water Capital, the majority shareholder of Luxit Group: “Luxit’s innovations and performance have driven significant growth for our automotive companies. We have the leadership, financial resources, and the right technology in place for Luxit to reach new heights in growth and operational excellence.”

Luxit’s Myotek, the Tier 1 division, is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of vehicle lighting. It has centers in Irvine, Calif., Michigan, Taiwan, and China. Sea Link, the Tier 2 division, is based in Largo, Fla., and supplies vehicle lighting components and infotainment products, including complex die casting; thixomolding; injection molding; metallization; PCB assembly, and assembled components. Four U.S. manufacturing facilities and two in China facilitate the company’s time-efficient solutions, backed by sales and engineering offices in both Michigan and China to serve Tier 1 customers.

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