Meritor wins electrification deal for road sweepers

TROY–Officials at the Troy-based transportation supplier Meritor Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) said their company had won a supply deal with an English company, Electra Commercial Vehicles, to supply Meritor’s Blue Horizon 14X3 integrated electric powertrain for testing on Electra’s road sweeper.

The electrified street sweeper is based on a standard Iveco model.

“Working with Electra to bring electrified commercial vehicles to Europe’s city centers is a perfect addition to our existing collaboration with the 17Xe electric powertrain,” said Ken Hogan, senior vice president and president of truck for Meritor in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. “Our expertise in axles will support Electra with its vision to provide operators with clean, zero-emission solutions.”

Added Sid Sadique, CEO and president of Electra: “Integrating Meritor’s electric powertrain into this road sweeper application will allow Electra to replace its remote drive conversion solution and test a more compact electric drive solution. Meritor’s ePowertrains are compact and power dense which maximizes the number of batteries that can be installed, allowing this vehicle to sweep more road surface in a single shift.”

The 14Xe ePowertrain will be delivered to Electra by the end of the year, and will be integrated on a road sweeper for testing in Wales.More at

Elecra is based in Skelmersdale, a city in the northeast of England. More at

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