New app from AMI Strategies

LIVONIA—AMI Strategies, the Livionia-based developer of mobility management technology, has introduced a new app, MobilityNow, in its ServiceNow store.

The new app allows enterprises to extend and enhance their existing ServiceNow investment with the ability to automate and manage the full lifecycle of mobile and Internet of Things devices, from procurement, to repairs, to decommissioning.

Included are the following services:

  • An “Amazon experience” for end users through self-service mobility ordering and support
  • Wireless carrier API integration for instantaneous hand-off to carrier systems, improving end-user experience and speed to delivery
  • A reduction in support required by internal mobility teams for end-user requests
  • Point-and-click implementation, using existing ServiceNow hierarchies and approval routing, completed in days, not months, for existing ServiceNow customers
  • Artificial intelligence-powered tools for managing and optimizing carrier invoices and contracts
  • Secure end-of-life management tools to retire devices safely and minimize risk of data exposure

“Enterprises have made significant investments in the Now platform,” said Jane Sydlowski, CEO of AMI Strategies. “Our strategy from day one was to allow those customers to extend and leverage that investment to their mobility estates, which historically has been very difficult and costly to manage. We are proud to be one of the only MMS providers to reach this milestone with ServiceNow.”

AMI Strategies offers products and services for expense management, help desk, technology management, and more. More at

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