Gale launches SEL, career readiness platform for students

FARMINGTON HILLS—Officials at the Farmington Hills-based information services provider Gale announced the launch of Gale Presents: Imago, an online social and emotional learning (SEL) and career readiness platform available to K-12 schools.

In partnership with Imago LLC, the California-based SEL and workforce development company, the offering allows schools to infuse video-based SEL content into curricula for fifth through 12 grades to improve students’ emotional intelligence in the classroom to help them thrive in their life and careers after graduation.

Now school districts can provide an engaging curriculum to support students’ social and emotional development and the building of soft skills needed for 21st century careers. For more about the Imago platform, read the Gale blog entry.

As students move into careers, social emotional competencies continue to play an essential role. A CareerBuilder survey found that 71% of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ. Gale Presents: Imago will help schools shift to help students develop these critical skills and explore new paths that align with their interests and abilities to achieve their professional goals.

“We chose to partner with Imago because their solution meets a need our customers have expressed for video-based SEL and career readiness lessons,” said Shawn Clark, senior vice president of domestic learning at Gale. “This partnership allows us to change students’ thinking and behavior that will help them better understand their future options, and apply the skills they have learned immediately, with more motivation to learn.”

Gale Presents: Imago provides digital lessons in three critical areas: SEL, career readiness, and soft skills. The program includes short snippets of videos and study guides designed to promote conversation, making it an engaging platform for students. Its video-based curriculum can be easily instilled into any subject to educate, entertain and engage students while helping them unlock their full potential. Additionally, teachers act as facilitators and don’t have to plan a lesson for each topic, reducing program fatigue and prep time.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • Self-study or teacher/student-led lessons. Both can be delivered in-person or distance learning.
  • Turn-key lessons. Each SEL lesson come complete with facilitator guides with activities, think ahead questions and additional content to facilitate a lesson.
  • Engaging and entertaining. Lessons are video-based, built for the Snapchat society and are designed to encourage and facilitate conversation.
  • More than 225 researched-based digital lessons covering career exploration, life skills (eye contact, body language, etc.), work skills and SEL.
  • Family Wellness lessons that are free to the public on topics such as anger, loneliness and navigating grief.
  • Accessible 24/7 on any device from anywhere.

The lessons available in Gale Presents: Imago also help schools foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. For example, lessons on empathy, adaptability, and diverse perspectives help students develop the social awareness and relationship skills they need to be part of a diverse school community that promotes belonging and acceptance for all.

“Our mission is to embed social and emotional learning into every aspect of the human experience to equip students with the critical skills and knowledge for workforce readiness, success and beyond,” said Spencer Wallace, head of growth at Imago. “This matters to us because we believe that engaged and fulfilled humans are better prepared to take on the complex challenges of today’s world. Gale shares our vision, and we are thrilled to partner with them to help students succeed.”

For more information or to request a demo on Gale Presents: Imago, visit:

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