Airspacelink partners for life-saving drone deliveries

DETROIT—The Detroit-based drone services provider Airspace Link Inc. is partnering with MissionGo, the Baltimore, Md.-based producer of unmanned aircraft systems, to launch data-driven processes for safe flight planning decisions of time-critical organ deliveries and time-sensitive medical cargo.

The team’s goal is to perform operations that use data-driven models to ensure safety, ultimately enabling safe package delivery solutions for the commercial unmanned aircraft industry.

This announcement comes on the heels of a mobility and electrification investment from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was joined by state, local, and university officials at Kettering University’s GM Mobility Research Center in Flint to announce the first round of Michigan Mobility Funding Platform grants. Airspace Link was one of five grant award recipients.  MissionGo is a key partner collaborating with Airspace Link to enable innovative, sustainable transportation solutions in Southeast Michigan, as well as other areas throughout the country.

MissionGo’s team of experts have led the way for advancing the use of unmanned aircraft for human organ transport, including the first pancreas flown, the longest distance flown for a human organ, and the first delivery of a human organ for transplant using an unammed aircraft in April 2019. MissionGo continues to conduct organ and blood deliveries and is now in the process of certifying its MG Velos 100 unmanned aircraft, an all-electric rotorcraft capable of carrying up to a 20-pound payload with a flight endurance of up to 90 minutes.

“Airspace Link’s AirHub platform connects with key stakeholders that need to participate in the implementation of these valuable services so that there is community engagement from local authorities and end-user health care systems,” said Lisa Peterson, vice president of business development for Airspace Link. “We work to manage, inform, and obtain authorizations, if required, from the regulatory agencies as well as communicate with drone operators and the community through our digital connections via one shared platform. We are excited about partnering with MissionGo to integrate our application services and data to inform the safe planning and execution of these life-saving medical delivery missions.”

Added Frank Paskiewicz, executive vice president for cargo operations at MissionGo: “Unmanned aircraft offer an improved form of transportation that is more efficient, safer, and highly sustainable with advancements in electrification over time versus other forms of manned aviation and ground transportation. We are looking forward to working with Airspace Link to increase the volume of delivery options for organs, tissues, related vessels, and diagnostic blood samples, which in turn, will help to save lives.”

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