Channels Inc. announces $520,000 seed round

ANN ARBOR—Channels Inc., developers of online event planning software, announced a seed funding round of $520,000, led by Sahra Growth Capital, bringing its total funding so far to $571,800.

Founded by a youthful trio—Siddharth Kaul (18), Elan Rosen (20), and Ibrahim Mohammed (20)—Channels helps organizations navigate through physical work, starting in the event industry.

Jamal Al-Barrak, the managing partner of Dubai-based Sahra Growth Capital, has high hopes for Channels, already citing successful clients such as Marriott Hotels and Holiday Inn: “Channels has a bright future to disrupt the event space and eventually transition into sectors such as retail. They are pioneering the mobile-friendly approach to physical communication with big players already taking note.”

Also participating in the round was Qatar-based Doha Technology Global. Its managing partner, Abdulaziz Al-Hussein, said: “I value visionary founders that have a true passion for pushing our current boundaries and these fine young men have shown me that there is a future to even the most old-fashioned sectors.”

Founded in 2014, by Jamal Al-Barrak after a career in investment banking at Barclays, Sahra Growth Capital has targeted early stage ventures as investment opportunities. Recently, Sahra Growth Capital has started a seed sourcing approach focused on investing between $200,000 and $800,000 into seed and pre-seed stage companies with Channels being one of their recent investments. More at

Channels Inc., established in 2019, is developing technology to allow physical workers to easily communicate among themselves to conduct their tasks. Combining a visual and quick-access focus, Channels enables organizations focused on physical work to have a workplace platform where they can run events, weddings, and much more. More at

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