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HOLLAND—Officials at BluJay Solutions, a provider of supply chain software and services, announced the release of version 21.2 of the company’s transportation, distribution, and global trade software applications.

With a focus on providing high-efficiency user experiences, BluJay’s latest releases offer shippers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders and customs brokers with expanded capabilities, integrations, and the most current compliance updates available.

“This robust release is a welcome development for our customers at a time when the industry is feeling the pain of unprecedented levels of cost, uncertainty, and time embedded in supply chains,” said David Landau, BluJay’s chief product officer. “The entire BluJay team outdid themselves with 21.2 to deliver immediate benefits to our customers who are facing a series of supply chain challenges. Our latest software updates offer a bit of everything: user experience enhancements, innovations designed to save users time and money, and tremendous additions to our global trade platform. In fact, 21.2 has the greatest number of new, certified customs declarations of any BluJay release in our history.”

Key deployments in version 21.2 also reflect a commitment to continuous improvement in user experience. Among the highlights of 21.2 releases are:

Enhanced User Experiences

  • Data integrations and new dashboard map configurations—BluIQ by BluJay, an actionable data and insight analysis tool with a configurable visual dashboard integrated across multiple applications, is now embedded within the AGT platform. New map enhancements have also been released, enabling users to select traffic and/or weather overlays.
  • Enhanced reporting and routing for forwarders—BluJay’s Transportation Management for Forwarders users will find enhanced reporting capabilities integrated via the dashboard in BluIQ. In addition, forwarders can visualize the route and the status of a shipment in the TMS’ To-do List.
  • Upgraded mobile functionality—BluJay’s MobileStar now features a more intuitive and standardized layout across all screens, including updated icons, a clearer tick and cross, and an improved layout of job details. In the courier application, packages are now reconciled as they are scanned during the onboarding process. An additional upgrade to MobileStar enables a job to be broadcast through the Dispatch portal to multiple routes, and the first driver to accept will be awarded the job.

New Deployment Option for Parcel Solution

  • BluJay’s Parcel shipping management software is now offered as a hosted deployment. This cloud-based option provides customers with choice and assurance, where BluJay manages the hardware/infrastructure, operating systems, and databases for the Parcel application. BluJay-hosted deployment guarantees a level of performance with proven failover and disaster recovery, and a high level of security for parcel shipping management.

Expanded Capabilities and Features for International Shippers

  • Expanded compliance and notification features—Customs Management-US (CM-US) includes Notification Manager, a new tool that allows users to configure automatic shipment notifications for their customers that can be triggered based on changes to the events or data within the shipment. In addition, 33 compliance-related features were released for CM-US, including Section 301, additional Duties Suspensions, APHIS/Lacey changes, EPA changes, Non-CBMA Tax Rates, APHIS Core updates, Aluminum Import Licenses, FTZ Multiple Licenses, Single Transaction Bond Improvements, and Tax-Deferred Collections.
  • Expanded country coverage for global trade—BluJay releases its largest extension of customs country coverage to-date within Augmented Global Trade (AGT): Austria Express Cargo Services (ECS), Austria Export, Ireland Import Control System (ICS), Ireland Import H7 Low Value Consignment (LVC), Ireland Import Refund and Remission messages, Netherlands Client PD Export, Portugal Export, Portugal Import, Slovenia New Computerised Transit System (NCTS), Spain Import, United Kingdom Export with Customs Declaration Services (CDS), and United Kingdom Commercial Transportation Services (CTS) with Common Transit Convention (CTC).
  • Streamlined customs declarations—The Augmented Global Trade (AGT) platform now enables users to create declarations or Unified Customs Schema (UCS) from a previous declaration based on data from a template and/or from an existing declaration. This data mapping works for export to import, and the same process is available from AGT’s Command Center.
  • International billing support—BluJay’s Transportation Management for Shippers now includes support for an internationally applicable Bill of Lading (BOL), allowing the ease of using a BOL document regardless of the countries through which shippers execute freight movements.

Improved Customer Interactions

  • Actionable visibility for customs brokers’ customers—BluJay’s Customer Portal is now integrated with Customs Management-US, providing track and trace visibility into the shipment details for customers’ customers. The enhanced visibility includes comprehensive search options and information such as release status, Partner Government Agency (PGA) status, shipment documents, and a widget-based landing page with a quick view of shipment information.
  • Streamlined booking for freight forwarders—Booking templates for shipments with repetitive tasks can now be added to BluJay’s Customer Portal for Transportation Management for Forwarders (TMFF). When a booking is made in Customer Portal, the user can select the Booking Template and information will default into the new booking, which in turn will populate the booking within TMFF, where the e-booking is automatically accepted.
  • New billing workflows for logistics service providers—BluJay’s LSP Platform features a new workflow for invoicing, External Billing, which provides full handling of invoices via an external service. Costs and charges are still generated by LSP Platform and processed up to the moment they are ready for billing, at which point they are handed over to the external service that can either pull or be pushed the costs and charges. Also released were additional updates including support for mandatory credit note reasons and division-level configuration for functions such as self-billing or invoice blocks previously held at a company or business relation level.

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